Custom T-Shirt Service Amsterdam

Custom T-shirt Service
Eclectix will help you create T-shirts and other apparel (i.e. caps & hats, sportswear, etc) with your own designs. Design the T-Shirt you've always wanted!

How does It work?
For artwork order t-shirts you should sketch your ideas on paper or provide us with a digital design that you’ve constructed in any Vector based image editing and / or illustration program and send a copy to

We will contact you a.s.a.p. to let you know if we can manufacture your design or idea.

Choose Your own Textiles – Eclectix Apparel wholesale!
We also offer quality wholesale clothing at extremely economical prices. Any individual or business can take advantage of our bargain- priced apparel, and there is no minimum order to buy from us.


Customize our webshop T-shirt designs
Eclectix customizes stock (t-shirt) designs the way you want it, even for just one t-shirt.

If you want to have a Webshop shirt customized to your specific instructions email with as much information as possible, and we will work with you one-on-one to bring your order to completion.

Different Colour Options-Free!
If you just want a stock shirt or motive in a different colour we are more than happy to accommodate you, generally at no additional charge!

 Eclectix Artwork Services
Eclectix is specialized in artwork t-shirt design and provides excellent help and design support for any clients who require this service.
Artwork is the term screen printers use to define ANY type of design that you want us to print. Whether the design is just text on a shirt, a company logo, a fashion design, a sketch on a drawing pad, etc, in printing terms, it's called "Artwork".

For single colour text and numbers we at Eclectix find that there is no artwork necessary !
However we do need to know your preferred font, the size and the positioning details etc.

Submit Artwork
Digital designs must be a vector diagram in .EPS format and should be no larger than 35cm x 35 cm.

Any text or font based shapes must also be converted to curves and send us all the fonts used in the design.

Need HELP?!
If you need any help with your design or design idea please let us know and we'll be able to advise you on the most effective designs for printing.
Artwork is charged separately and additional costs may be incurred depending on the complexity of your design brief and the size of your order.

What does it cost?

Pricelist Vinylprint (flock / flex print)

Amount 1 colour print
2 colour print
3 colour print
4 clr. 5 clr. 6 clr.
1 20,00 23,00 26,00 -- -- --
2 18,00 21,00 24,00 -- -- --
3 17,00 20,00 23,00 -- -- --
4 16,00 19,00 22,00 -- -- --
5 15,00 18,00 21,00 -- -- --
5+ Get a quote if you need more than 5 pcs.

Prices include 19% VAT/BTW exclusif textiles.

Pricelist Full Colour Prints

Aantal A4 A3 A4 white textile
A3 white textile
1 25,00 35,00 18,00 25,00
2 24,00 34,00 17,50 24,00
3 23,00 33,00 17,00 23,00
4 22,00 32,00 16,50 22,00
5 21,00 31,00 16,00 21,50
5+ Get a quote if you need more than 5 pcs.

Prices include 19% VAT/BTW exclusif textiles.

Screen Printed Apparel
Screen Printing orders start at 15 pcs! Ask us for a quote, you’ll be impressed with our low prices

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