Eclectix, huh?

Eclectix is a online T-shirt store with a simple mission: to print and design T-shirts by selecting the best individual elements from a variety of sources and styles; an eclectic way of (t-shirt) designing.

Our site is a place for people to discover and buy amazing T-shirts, hoodies and other textiles. Eclectix specializes in custom t-shirt design and textile imprints. Eclectix is highly motivated to provide you with excellent help and design support.

We will help you design and customize the T-shirt you've always wanted, even for just one Shirt.

Eclectix is  more than just another T-shirt store; We're a design Studio, a Silkscreen factory and a T-shirt store combined.

Located in downtown Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our website was launched in April 2010.

Ethical & Environmental Considerations    
Eclectix is aware of the ecologically toxic manner of making conventional t-shirts and other cotton products. Therefore we want
to promote sustainable organic textile and contribute to fair labour conditions in the garment industry worldwide. The choice is yours!

We offer our customers Continental Clothing’s high quality Fair Wear & EarthPositive™ t-shirt options.

EarthPositive – The Low Carbon Footprint Apparel
EarthPositive Apparel is 100% organic with 90% Reduced CO2

Fair Wear T-Shirts, huh?
Audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, you can be sure that Continental Clothing® complies with eight labour standards based on standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Declaration of Human Rights:

  • No forced labour

  • No discrimination of workers

  • No child labour

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

  • Payment of a living wage

  • No excessive overtime

  • Safe and healthy workplace

  • A legal labour contract

With accreditation by the Soil Association, you can be sure of the status of their organic cotton.

We all have a right to a safe and healthy work environment, a living wage, a legally binding contract. We all have a right to be free from discrimination and harassment, to join - or not to join - a labour union, to choose our work freely. We all have a right to fair and reasonable working hours. And our children have a right to go to school.